Emergency Flood Cleanup? What Homeowners Should Know To Protect Their Home And Family

If your home has been inundated by several inches of floodwaters, taking fast action is the best way to minimize the damage your home and family will suffer. In most cases, opting to use an emergency flood cleanup service should be considered to provide the advantage of professional-grade tools, equipment, and processes for the removal of floodwaters and a more comprehensive restoration process. Homeowners who have never before needed to use an emergency flood cleanup service can use the following information to help them understand the process their home will need to undergo. 

Expect to schedule an immediate assessment

As the name implies, emergency flood cleanup services will want to access the property as soon as possible after the flooding incident to make a formal assessment of the condition and develop a plan for the work that will need to be performed. Before the assessment can be done, steps may need to be taken to disconnect or turn off electrical, water, and gas services. 

Water and moisture removal will be a priority

When flooding occurs, damage to the structure worsens if water or excess moisture is allowed to remain inside the home, so the first priority for an emergency flood cleanup service is to remove the water and normalize the humidity inside the home's interior. Professional flood cleanup services utilize a variety of equipment to remove water and excess humidity, including powerful pumps, commercial fans, and heavy-duty wet vacuums. During this part of the process, homeowners should also expect to see the removal of waterlogged materials from the home, including drywall, insulation, flooring, furnishings, and personal items. 

Expect treatments for the prevention of mold and mildew

In addition to the damage done by the floodwaters, a flooded home provides a perfect environment for the explosive growth of mold and mildew. Because of this threat, emergency flood cleanup services typically apply powerful products designed to prevent or slow the growth of mold spores and mildew. When floodwaters are known to be contaminated by sewage, as is the case in many flood situations, these products can also help to disinfect salvageable furnishings, personal items, and surfaces inside the home. 

Developing the project scope

Homeowners can expect to work closely with their home insurance provider and the emergency flood cleanup service to develop the scope of the work that will be needed to restore the home to its former condition. To get specific information for their situation, homeowners should contact a reputable emergency flood cleanup service in their area. 

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