Follow Your Nose – It Could Be Mold

Is someone in your family beginning to suffer from allergy symptoms when at home that they haven't in the past? Do you catch a whiff of a musty odor as you walk through a certain area of your home? Mold – it's a danger that oftentimes remains hidden for quite a while before the issue is noticed. Even if you can't see it, your nose may be telling you that it is lurking behind a wall, under a floor, or up in the ceiling.

Start the Search

Before you go ripping up carpeting or tearing into walls, follow your nose. Oftentimes, mold is accompanied by that damp, musty smell that seems impossible to get rid of.

A few places to begin your search include:

  1. The Bathroom – Look in the corners, under the sink, along the baseboards and molding – places where moisture would run or settle.
  2. Kitchen – Of course, the sink area is a great place to start, but don't forget about under the refrigerator and dishwashers.
  3. Windows and Exterior Doors in All Areas – As condensation forms on the windows and doors, the moisture runs off into the framework around it. This can lead to mold hiding in the areas around them.
  4. Attic – It is prone to condensation forming on the rafters and underside of the roof when ventilation is not adequate. Also, if the home's heating and cooling systems are housed up there, they can also release moisture.
  5. Basement – A very common place for mold of all kinds. Corners are highly prone to moisture problems. Also check around the water tank and heater, your washing machine, and along any piping that runs through the basement ceiling.

If you suffer allergies to mold and mildew, don't attempt to dig into anything looking for the mold. Instead, contact a professional to have the problem addressed to avoid triggering a severe allergic reaction.

Do Not Disturb

There are so many types of mold that could grow in your home – some aren't harmful, while some are potentially deadly. For your safety, as well as everyone in the home, do not disturb the growth or surrounding materials. There could be more mold hiding behind the visible areas that could lead to greater exposure and risk.

Don't ever ignore what your nose is telling you when it comes to mold and mildew in your home. It is your warning that there could be a danger lurking and needing the attention of a mold damage cleanup team.