4 Ways You Can Tell It Is Time to Waterproof Your Basement

One of the worst calamities that can befall your property is water damage. Sometimes the damage is hidden and comes from sources like a burst sewer pipe or plumbing line. At other times, poor waterproofing could be allowing groundwater to leach into the building and wreak havoc on the floors and the walls. You should be prepared for these disasters because they can cost you thousands of dollars worth of damage repair. Here are four ways to tell when you need to waterproof the basement. 

You Have Mold Damage

Mold damage is typically the first indicator that you have moisture in places where it shouldn't exist. The mold damage occurs many months after the water gets absorbed into walls, baseboards, floors, and behind the cabinetry. Once water lands on an absorbent surface, it can move in any direction. Therefore, you should allow a professional to locate the source of the leak because it is not always where you suspect. Waterproofing comes after finding, sealing the leak, and cleaning up the mold.

Everyone Has Flu-Like Symptoms

Often, this sign is accompanied by the house having odd musty smells. These two signs indicate that your home has mold spores. The spores have a characteristic musty odor that you cannot mistake, and they cause allergies. Other indicators that your family members might have gotten exposed to mold include red and itchy eyes, skin rashes, wheezing, coughing, and endless migraines. The restoration process should involve finding all the rooms and surfaces with mold and cleaning them up before waterproofing. 

Visible Efflorescence

Efflorescence is another sign that water is moving inside your walls. As the water moves, it dissolves the minerals inside the stones. The water evaporates when it reaches the surface and leaves behind the mineral deposits. Their presence, therefore, indicates that the wall is allowing water to seep through. Efflorescence ruins your paint and leaves ugly patches on the wall, but waterproofing fixes it.

Rusted House Components

The metallic parts of the home will only start rusting when exposed to water. Therefore, if you realize that the walls, floors, and other metallic components of the home have corrosion, it is time to waterproof the basement and the walls.

The waterproofing contractors can help you create a barrier that prevents moisture outside the home from getting into the walls and the floor. With their help, you will have a safe and dry house all year. Contact a restoration company for more information about waterproofing services.