Restoring Your Building Following Major Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more common issues that people will experience with their homes and businesses. While this can be a devastating problem, it is a reality that many individuals will simply not be informed about the types of repairs that are needed or the steps that they can take to lessen the potential costs and complications from this type of damage.

What Are Common Sources Of Serious Water Damage To Buildings?

Being aware of some of the more common sources of water damage can help a person to be more aware of when this damage starts to occur. While major flooding from storms can be one of the more common ways that this damage can arise, it is far from the only way. For example, roof leaks can be another source of water damage that a person may not realize is occurring until substantial damage to the building has happened. Another source of water damage can be from plumbing leaks and intrusion.  

How Long Does It Take To Fully Restore A Building After It Suffers Water Damage?

Prompt repairs for any water damage that may have occurred to your building can be instrumental in limiting the ability of these issues to worsen, as well as allow you to return to normal use of your building. As with most other major repairs, the amount of time that will be needed for the water damage restoration work to be completed can vary significantly depending on the scope of the water damage. In cases where the water damage was fairly limited, this process may only take a matter of hours to complete. However, more extensive water damage can require multiple days to fully restore. Acting quickly to dry the water and to begin repairs can help to shorten the repair time by limiting the ability of the water to seep into the building's materials.

What Are Some Of The Complications That Can Arise Following Major Water Damage?

Failing to promptly or to properly repair the water damage that has occurred to your building can have a number of consequences for the structure. The most common issues that water damage can cause will be the development of large mold colonies or rot. The complications can be extremely expensive to repair, and they can require longer than standard water damage restoration. Furthermore, the growth of mold colonies can put you at a greater risk of suffering health problems due to being exposed to harmful and even toxic spores or byproducts.