Flashing: How It Protects Your Home And Ways It Can Lead To Leaks

A compromised roof leads to home damage. Unfortunately, you might not realize that your roof is leaking until the damage is already done.

One area of a roof that commonly leads to water damage is the flashing. Do you know what flashing is on your roof and the purpose it serves?

If not, you might want to learn more about this, as worn-out flashing might be the cause of your roof's problems and leaks.

Flashing is a vital component of a roof

A good way to understand flashing is by looking at your roof. Does your roof have a chimney, skylights, or vents? Does it have any other openings? If you answer "yes," then your roof has flashing. Flashing is a roofing material that contractors place around these openings. It's typically made of metal, and roofing contractors place it there before installing the roofing material around it. The purpose is to add a layer of protection against leaks around these openings. These openings would likely fail to stop rainwater from entering your home without flashing. The result is that you'd likely experience water damage in your home.

Flashing wears out

Flashing might last for many years, but it doesn't last forever. It might wear out faster in areas with hot or cold climates. It might wear out from improper installation. High winds might cause it to blow off or disconnect from your roof. Flashing that bows, cracks, or pulls off your home can lead to problems, as it can't protect your home as it should.

How to tell if your flashing is bad

You likely won't know if your flashing is bad unless you have roofing experience. If you get on your roof, you can take a close look at it, but this is a dangerous thing to do. The safest way to check your flashing is by hiring a roofing company to do it. They have the experience, tools, and equipment to check your roof safely. While they're up there, they can also inspect all the other parts of your roof.

What to do when your flashing has issues

If your flashing has issues, click here for more information. You'll need to hire a roofing contractor to repair them. If you don't know if your flashing is bad, you can also contact a roofing contractor to get a roof inspection. They'll tell you the condition of your flashing and if your roof needs any repairs.