Tips To Help You Prepare For A Professional Foundation Repair

From cracked floors and standing water in your basement or throughout the house to hairline cracks on and around your windows, there are several signs that your home's foundation requires repair. Foundation repair is a common issue that has several causes, including improper curing during the initial installation, poor soil compaction, or even an earthquake. Whatever the cause, properly preparing for a foundation repair will help ensure the fix is finished as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are a few simple things you can do to prepare for a professional foundation repair.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

First and foremost, if you suspect there are issues with your foundation, it is critical to schedule a professional inspection. During the process, an inspector will carefully inspect the foundation, both inside and outside of your home. The inspector will also note common signs of foundation problems and provide you with a detailed reason why your foundation should be repaired.

The inspector might also recommend a company to repair the foundation, what you can expect to occur during the repair and an estimate of the repair's cost. Shop around for different prices and choose a qualified repair company with a stellar reputation.

Prepare the Inside of Your Home

Depending upon the extent of the foundation repair, the team might need to enter your home. Here are a few ways you can prepare your home's interior for any repairs:

  • Remove furniture and rugs from the affected area. Take out any rugs and push any furniture away from the walls or flooring where the repair crew will be fixing your foundation.
  • Cover any furniture. Drape any furniture that is near the repair zone with tarps or sheets to protect the pieces from dust and debris.
  • Remove pictures and breakables from the area. The repair can knock pictures and breakables off the walls, so make sure to relocate these items to a safe space.

The foundation repair can be noisy and there will be a repair crew coming in and out of your home. For this reason, consider relocating your family and pets while the repair is being performed.

Prepare Your Home's Exterior

The repair team will need to access the foundation on your home's exterior, as well. Move any planters, pots, lawn furniture, or children's toys away from the foundation. Cut back the shrubs or, if necessary, you might need to relocate a bush or small tree from the repair area while your foundation is being fixed.

Preparing your home for a professional foundation repair is the best thing you can do as a homeowner to ensure the repair is as smooth and quick as possible.