Board Up Projects

Board-up services protect vulnerable structures from weather-related damages and theft. Learn about preventive board-up projects and emergency board-up projects. These two project types use similar materials and protection strategies.

Preventive Services

A preventive board-up service protects a structure that could potentially become damaged by inclement weather. A contractor will determine how vulnerable a structure is. Then, they will use tarping materials and plywood to cover windows, doors, and other structural components that are at risk of becoming damaged.

Preventive measures also involve moving loose items that are located on a piece of property. A contractor will assess the property. They will determine if any items are prone to becoming airborne during high winds. Then, they will move these items to an interior space.

Emergency Services

An emergency board-up service protects a structure from further damage. If a structure is compromised during a hurricane or a criminal act, an emergency board-up service will mitigate further damage.

A service provider will inspect a structure and determine which parts of a building are vulnerable. Broken windows, damaged roofing materials, and loose siding could make a building susceptible to moisture damage or theft. A service provider will use building materials to cover damaged surfaces that could become further damaged. A contractor who offers a comprehensive board-up service may clean the property and haul off damaged materials during the course of completing a project.

Insurance Claims

An insurance claim should be filed after a building becomes damaged. A contractor who offers comprehensive board-up services will ensure that property remains adequately secured. If an insurance adjuster will be performing an inspection, it is important to maintain the current condition of the building. Guaranteeing that additional damage does not occur will increase the chance of an insurance claim being approved.

Board Up Materials

Plywood is used for many board-up projects. After a contractor measures windows, doors, and other materials that need to be covered, they will cut pieces of plywood that will adequately cover the materials that are damaged. Then, they will use carriage bolts to secure the pieces of plywood.

A carriage bolt contains a round head, a flat tip, and threading. This type of hardware will require the use of a nut. As long as the hardware is installed along the exterior side of a structure, nobody will be able to tamper with it. The nut that is secured to a carriage bolt will prevent the hardware from being removed by someone with ill intent.

For more information on emergency board-up services, contact a professional near you.