What To Do When You Believe You Might Have Mold Growing In Your Home

Do you believe mold is growing in your home? You may have this belief because you've physically spotted some mold in different areas or because you're experiencing health issues and are genuinely concerned. Because mold can be unbelievably harmful to your health, it's necessary to know if it's growing in your home so that you can then take swift action to remediate the situation. Your initial step should involve hiring specialists to complete a mold inspection.

What Happens During the Mold Inspection? 

Even if you've spotted mold yourself, it's still beneficial to hire mold specialists because they thoroughly inspect every room and will check for signs that aren't necessarily visible to an untrained eye. Aside from looking for mold growth itself, these specialists will look for other types of physical evidence of mold growth, such as:

  • Damp Areas - Some spots in your home may feel damp, which typically means there is an issue with excess moisture that can easily cause mold to grow. Before any specialist can remove mold from those rooms in the home, such as the bathroom and basement, they must determine the cause of the excess moisture and work with you to fix that situation. If you don't solve the problem with moisture in those rooms, mold will continue to return, even after it's removed.
  • Unusual Spots - In some spaces, mold will appear in different colors, including shades of black and pink. These spots can appear anywhere but are more likely to show up near windows, bathtubs, sinks, and other places where you could have a leak in your home.

After checking for these and other signs of mold, the specialists will complete a series of tests that may include taking samples of the air and swabbing different surfaces to take back to the lab to inspect for evidence of mold. After reviewing any samples taken, they can inform you of the findings and discuss the measures you should take to rid your home of the hazardous mold. The specialists will provide in-depth details to ensure you understand the severity of mold growth throughout your home and exactly what you should do to resolve the issue.

You may believe mold is growing in your home. If you have these concerns, book an inspection with a mold specialist who can complete a visual inspection and conduct different tests before providing you with accurate results. Once you know if mold is the problem, you can take the appropriate measures to remove it.

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